Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Portland Time!!! :-)

It's only Tuesday, but all I can think about is that we are heading to Portland on Thursday!!!  I suppose the fact that I work tomorrow is what makes it seem like we are leaving so soon.  I have so much to do to get ready, and so much to pack..... and tomorrow I will be at work, so it all has to get done today!!!  YIKES..... I haven't even started to prepare!!!

No ride yesterday!  :-(  Excuses, and poor weather to blame!

Today, no ride thus far..... too cold this morning!  So, I spent all day on the tractor, mowing the fields, and then drag harrowing.  Got it all done, and am now waiting for Evan to get home from school, so he and I can go ride together..... around 15 miles!  :-)

Tonight, we BBQ steaks for dinner.  Then, after dinner, hair cut time for me....followed by packing and preparing for Portland!!!

Oh, and this past weekend, Evan's team took second place in their division at their baseball tournament in Ferndale!!!  :-)

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