Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Finale.... Mariners Baseball

With the month of May at its end, we decided to do something fun while Grammy & Papa were still with us, visiting over Memorial Day weekend.  So, we purchased left field bleacher seats to the Seattle Mariners vs Baltimore Orioles game for last night, 7pm game time. 

We left home @ around 3:45pm, after getting the kids from school, and headed into Bellingham, where we picked up uncle Brad from work.  After a quick pit stop at The Woods coffee, we hit the road and headed south.

We had a great time at the game.  Our seats were a lot of fun, and a different view than we had ever had before for watching baseball.  The weather was just right, and the roof was open for the whole game!  We ate a bunch of high priced junk food, watched some fun baseball, and just had a fun family evening together.  Evan and Sierra both really enjoyed themselves!!!  To make things even better, after being down  the whole game, and looking at a probable loss, Seattle gets a three run home run hit, with two outs and two strikes, in the bottom of the eight inning!  Seattle wins, and we have fun yelling and screaming and clapping like crazy!!!  :-)

The drive home was good..... the kids watched a movie, adults slept, and I drove without any traffic to deal with.  We were home before midnight, and with the kids only having a half day of school today, we made the decision to just keep them home, let them sleep in as long as their bodies will allow this morning!  :-)

Grammy & Papa will leave today to go back home.  It is now officially June, though with the weather, one would never imagine it.  I would swear that we are just heading into April..... crazy!!!  But alas, it is June 1st today, and that means it is time to prepare for the end of the school year for the kids.  It also means that I have only two full weeks to get myself physically and mentally ready for this years Petal Pedal century ride, with my good friend Scott Taube!!!  We will head to Oregon for Father's Day weekend on June 16th, the day after the kids get out of school.  We will celebrate Scott Taube's birthday while we are there, as well as Father's Day, and of course, Scott and I will spend Saturday, the 18th, on our bikes....riding 100+ miles through some very beautiful and scenic country!!!  :-)

So, time to get busy!  We have a lot to do in the next 15 days, and today is already well under way!!!!!!  I gotta go get started... see ya!!!

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