Thursday, June 9, 2011

Serving up lunch, then serving up some miles!

Yesterday was set to be the annual "field day" or "play day" and family picnic lunch at the kids' school.  But of course, due to recent weather once again, the fields remained both wet and soggy and spongy!  So, the field day of games was cancelled, and replaced with an indoor movie instead.  Bummer, but it worked out I suppose.....

Tracie and I headed to the school at 11am, where we helped serve food to all the kids and their parents/families.  Afterwards, we stuck around for kitchen clean-up as well.  We were busy, so we didn't get to have lunch with our kiddos.....but, we made good points with them by bringing them each their own Subway lunch, so they didn't have to eat the school lunch of fake beef hamburgers!!!

When we were finally done at the school, we came home.  The weather was holding off just right for a much needed ride.  So, I enjoyed myself a cup of coffee and a protein bar, and got myself ready to hit the road.

I left the house at 2pm, and rode for the next 2+ hours, logging 40 miles, with an overall average speed of 18.79mph.  A really good ride indeed.  This ride was primarily flat, with some rollers throughout.  I rode south and west first, into the wind, and over into Ferndale.  Form there, I worked my way north, stopped off at Medic 3 for a drink and quick visit, then onward back home once again.  :-)

Got home feeling really good, and proceeded to make a nice BBQ game hen dinner for Brad and myself, as Tracie left to go meet Tiffani Stauffer for the evening.  BBQ game hens, grilled zucchini, and a beet and carrot salad......very nice, and quite tasty.

After dinner, we sat down and watched the movie, "Star Trek" for the evening, before heading to bed to call it a day...... and now, it's a new day, and I am off to work once again!

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