Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September So Far......

It is now 5:45am on Tuesday the 13th of September.  In the blink of an eye, this month is practically half way over already.  We have been busy, getting back into some resemblance of normalcy around here (at least normal for us anyway), and things are going fairly well thus far.

The weather this month has been spectacular...... bright and sunny days, hot temps in the day, and cool mornings and evenings.  School is back in full swing now, and the kids are getting used to the routine once again.  Evan had his season opener football game this last Saturday, and it was so much fun..... both Evan, and the whole team, have improved so much over last year!  Evan scored the first touchdown for his team, and then made an interception that he ran all the back for the final touchdown for his team as well!!!  It was awesome!!!!  He made some great plays, both on offense and on defense, and he had two really great kick-offs as well.  The team won their game with a final score of 26-6.... and needless to say, I am very excited about it!!!  :-)

I have been using this nice weather and my days off to do yard work and clean-up around the place outside, getting ready for full-on Fall to arrive.  I have lots of work to do with the tractor in the fields, and on Evan' motorcycle track and trails, so I am trying to get as much done as possible before the rains come again.  It would be nice to actually be ready for winter weather this year before it arrives!!!

I have been doing quite a bit of bike riding, and practically all of it with Brad.  It has been great to have a riding partner, making it a lot of fun to ride, especially the longer distances.  We are both getting trained up and ready for the Chuckanut Century this Sunday.... hoping to ride the full 124 miles.  I am also competing in the Bellingham Traverse race on Saturday, where I will do a 6 mile run, and then a 17 mile bike ride, and finally a short run at the end to the finish line.  This is going to make Sunday a difficult event for me.... I am hoping and praying that I am physically and mentally tough enough for this weekend.

Evan started his hunter's safety course last night.  He has four more nights, with classroom and hands-on instruction, and finishes up with an 85 question test that he must pass in order to get his certificate.  We are planning to go hunting over in eastern Washington in October, so he really needs to learn and do well.  I am confident that he will......

I am off to work again this morning, and already am looking forward to my next couple of days off, with hopes of getting a bunch more done around here..... my list is so very long on what needs to be done, what I hope to get done, what I can afford to do, etc.

Time to go for now....... I need to get out on the front porch and spend a bit of time in prayer with God, before I hit the shower this morning!  :-)

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