Sunday, September 18, 2011

WOW!!! What a day!!!

Well, yesterday turned out to be quite a day for us all.  Evan's football team played a fantastic game, and won with a score of 27-7!!!  Evan played amazing, and score every point for his team, plus he ran back a kickoff all the way for another touchdown, but it got called back due to a flag on the play!!!!!  Spectacular game for Evan, and for his team!!!  Tracie was nice enough to video the game, so we all got to sit back and watch it together last evening when I got home from my very buys day.

I competed in the Bellingham Traverse yesterday, part of a two person team.  I ran the first leg of the race, a 6 mile run from Boundary Bay Brewery, down to Fairhaven, and then up to Lake Padden.  It was a tough run, with the last couple of miles being up hill.  I then switched gear and got ready for the third leg of the race, where I took off on my road bike and road down and around Lake Samish and back up Chuckanut into Fairhaven, a 19 mile hard push and fast-paced ride, where I was struck with head winds and rain throughout the first half of the ride!!!  From there, I got changed again, and made way to the final leg of the race, where I met my partner as he cam in on the water in his kayak, and together we ran the last 3/4 mile up the hill and back to Boundary Bay at the finish line!!!  :-)

I did it, and I am happy about it, and proud of myself.  Yes, I hurt a lot today, and am moving slowly.   But, we did really well, and I feel good about that.  Hopefully in the next day or so we should be able to find out our results.

Yesterday also happened to be Grammy's 64th birthday!  :-)

Today, Brad and I were planning to ride in the Chuckanut Century together.  But alas, we awoke to find it raining and cold outside.  The forecast says rain nearly all day long, and that just didn't sound like fun to either one of us.  So, today is going to be R&R day instead.  Totally bummed, though, as we had been planning and preparing for this ride for the past couple of months now.  :-(

Hard to believe, but already we are half way through the month of September!!!  Sierra's 8th birthday is on final approach already.  Invitations are sent out, and grandparents are coming up here next weekend.

Busy week ahead for us all here, with Evan trying to get studied up and ready for his Hunter's Safety final test on Wednesday.  He must pass in order to be a hunter this year, which we have already made plans for!!!  Perhaps we will do some studying today!!!  :-)

OK, time to get this day's already 10:20am, and I haven't heard a peep from the family yet!!!

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