Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 - Eleven Years Ago Today.....

Eleven years ago this morning, our world changed forever.  Attacked by completely misguided people, who do NOT know God, who do NOT appreciate life, who do NOT know the love that Jesus has for them....... and it has caused horrible loss of life, destruction of property, and changed the way we all live forever!

Today, as I head to work for the next 48 hours at the Bellingham Fire Department...... I am proud to be a firefighter, proud to be an American, and most proud to be a follower of the Lord, Jesus Christ!!!

To my brothers who gave all this day eleven years ago..... 343...... I will never forget!!!

To all of the innocent victims who perished this day eleven years ago.... I will never forget!!!

In the words of Alan Jackson, "Where were you when the world stopped turning, that September day?"

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