Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On a Mission to Africa!!!

YES..... that is what I said.... Africa!!!  Nairobi, Kenya to be more exact.  August 1st through the 15th.  Mission trip through CTK Bellingham.  Tracie is stepping out in faith, way out of her comfort zone, and heading off on her first ever mission trip, along with her very good girlfriends, Jennifer Roosma and Tiffani Stauffer.  This will be an experience of a lifetime for all three of them.  We are so excited for God to use them in Kenya.

August seems so far away right now, but with everything that needs to be done and taken care of in preparation for this trip, it will be here faster than we can imagine.  Each gal needs to raise $2900 to be able to go on the mission trip.  In addition, each gal has to endure many vaccinations and prophylactic medications, which also cost a significant amount of money.

So, although it is now only the first day of February, you all will be hearing a lot about Africa from this day forward.  These ladies need your support, financially and prayerfully.  Would you please begin to pray today..... pray for Tracie and Jenn and Tiffani.  And please pray about how you might be able to support the three of them on this opportunity to follow God's calling.

Blessing to each and every one of you  :-)

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  1. I am so there for you guys on this. Let me know what I can do to assist.

    This is such an awesome thing to do. It is something that I am not sure that I could even do. Praying for the Neitling family on this. He will provide. God is great.

    Love you guys