Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Catchin' Up After A Long Weekend

Boy, oh boy.... what a fast-paced, fun-filled weekend we just had. So fast, so busy, so hectic, that it is now already Wednesday, and I am just now sitting down to blog about it! Of course, Monday I was back to work, and yesterday was the last day of school, so this morning actually feels like the start of the new week to me.

Evan's All-Star team played in a baseball tournament over the weekend at Bender Fields in Lynden. They had two games on Saturday, and then another two games on Sunday. All in all, they played really well, and ultimately came within just one out of going on to play in the championship game! There were some very tense, nail biting moments for us parents/fans throughout the tournament. The boys finished off with two wins and two losses, with the last loss coming down to a tie-breaker playoff!!!

So, here is a run-down of just how our weekend went..... get ready.

I came home Saturday morning from work and unpacked, changed into my cycling gear, and hit the road on my bike to get a quick 20 mile ride in before Evan's first game. Tracie got the kids and everything else ready to go, and then headed to the ball fields shortly after 9am. I arrived at the fields at just after 10am, finishing a very nice 20 mile ride in just over an hour. Evan's first game was just starting. We watched our team play to victory, then afterwards headed immediately to the Nooksack Valley High School to get Evan registered for fall tackle football, and to get all of his gear. Once we were done with that, we headed to the Everson Auction barn, where I had hoped to purchase as many as four head of beef. We ate lunch there, and spent two and a half hours looking for cattle to purchase, leaving with none!!! When we were done, it was time to head back to the ball fields for game #2. After another win, we finished off the evening with dinner at the Nuthouse Grill.

Sunday morning, I hit the road once again, this time riding 30 miles before arriving at the ball fields for Evan's first game. Immediately after Evan's game ended, we hit the road to make it into Bellingham, where we stopped of for a very quick bite to eat at Subway, then headed over to CTK for a child dedication ceremony, involving some very close personal friends of ours. We made it just in time, all of us looking like weekend warriors, and Evan still in his uniform. After celebrating this very special time with our good friends, and taking part in this very special moment in their lives, we once again had to hit the road at a fast pace, racing back to the ball fields to get Evan there on time for warm-ups before game #2 of the day. This game went long, was a nail-biter, and ultimately went on to a tie-breaker, which we finally ended up losing at around 4:45pm. Everyone was exhausted when it was all done. We had been planning to attend a birthday party and bbq at our good friends, Marty & Tiffs, but Evan was so tired and emotional afterwards, all he wanted to do was to go home. As it turned out, no one had taken care of the farm animals or the dogs that morning either, so we really needed to go home and take care of family and farm.

Next thing we know, it's Monday morning, and I am back off to work, and the kids are heading back for their last full day of school for the year!!! Tuesday comes, and the kids finished school, so excited to begin summer break.... which means they can now stay up late, and sleep in most of the time. After school let out, we picked the kids up and took them to town to go see the movie "Marmaduke". Afterwards, we went to Homestead and had dinner, then came home to rest and call it a day.

And now here I am, sitting here on this Wednesday morning.... realizing just how much we have to accomplish before we leave for Portland on Friday for our vacation. And, I go to work tomorrow, which means we have a terrifically busy day ahead of us today!

WHEW!!!!! That brings us back up to speed around here. Now I must go start planning out how today is going to go.... laundry, packing, shopping, lists, cycling stuff together, etc...... Oh, and lots and lots of prayer for sunshine!!!

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