Thursday, June 10, 2010

Evan's an All-Star!!!

Holy Cow!!! What in the world has happened over the past several days around here?!?!?!?! Pure craziness, a whirl wind of activity, and a complete change to our plans for the rest of the week and this weekend!!! Why?????........

Well, on Monday evening, Evan had try-outs for the All-Star baseball team, a team that is being put together to play competitively in tournaments throughout the summer. Try-outs were held over two evenings, and there were about a half a dozen more players trying out than the final roster would be for the team. We did our very best to help Evan understand that he was trying to make it onto the team by doing his very best at the try-outs. We let him know that he needed to show the coaches his very best the entire time, to show them why they would want Evan Neitling to be on their All-Star team. In addition, we also made it very clear that he stood a very good chance of not making the team, especially since he is one of the younger players trying out, and he is only in his second season playing this level of ball......

So, I get an e-mail yesterday morning informing us that Evan has been selected to play on the All-Star team!!! I couldn't believe it. To add to the excitement, our first tournament is this very weekend, on Saturday and Sunday!!! With that, the coaches want to have the team practice prior, so we have practices both this evening, and again tomorrow evening! It looks as though baseball will rule our lives for pretty much the duration of the summer!!! Evan will now be playing regular summer league ball with his Nooksack team, and also in tournament play with his All-Star team........ time for Mom & Dad to get some more comfortable bleacher chairs!!!!! ;-)

In addition to all of the baseball madness going on here this week and weekend, we have had the joy of having the Roosma kids stay with us this week as well. We have a child dedication at our church to attend on Sunday, as well as a birthday party/bbq on Sunday afternoon. The Everson beef auction is on Saturday, along with Evan's 2 tournament baseball games, and Sierra will be attending a friends birthday party that day. At the same time, we may have Tracie's parents staying the nights here from tonight through Sunday, as they are coming up for the graduation of our niece, Jessie, on Friday evening.

Four new little piggies arrived on our farm here on Monday night, and are all adapting and doing very well so far. No more new baby calves just yet, although we expect 3 or 4 more any time between now and July.

Our family trip to Disneyland is right around the corner as well.... and thank goodness, I was able to sell our livestock trailer and our flatbed truck this past weekend, which has given us much needed financial relief, and the ability to go on our trip without the worry about spending money!!! Praise God for allowing that to happen when and how it did!!! :-)

So, it is now Thursday already. Time to get kids ready for school, then to get farm chores done for the morning, then time to pay bills, then to go grocery shopping, and hopefully there will be time for me and my bicycle to spend together out on teh open road!!! :-)

Talk to you all soon.....

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