Monday, June 7, 2010

WOW, What a Weekend!!!

This weekend was a busy, exciting, fast-paced weekend, that brought about good things for us. I feel as if I blinked and the weekend is over...crazy!

My previous entry talks about one of the good things that happened over the weekend... the birth of a new calf here, the first for this year, and the first of an expected 4 that we are waiting for. Her name is now officially "Layla", and she is a real cutie. Today we will tag her ear, and hopefully get a few good photos that I can post in my next entry.

This weekend was an exciting weekend for all of us, but especially for Evan. Evan's Nooksack Pioneers baseball team.... the same team that had an awesome, undefeated spring season, played in a tournament over the weekend. The team did fantastic, playing very competetive baseball against other really good teams. The games were close and exciting to watch.... and in the end, Evan and his team were victorious!!! They won all 4 of their games throughout the tournament, which led them into the final championship game yesterday afternoon. The championship game was intense and excting, and the team had to come back from a 0-2 deficit, to finally end up winning the game by a score of 3-2!!! Yes, our boys went completely undefeated throughout the tournament, and won the championship game as well..... these were some very excited 8,9 and 10 year olds!!!!! :-) What a bunch of fun we all had over the weekend. And it has given us a good taste of what our lives are going to be like for the next 8-10 years, with Evan being the sports fanatic that he is!!! LOL :-)

With all of this going on over the weekend, I still managed to work a 24 hour shift on Saturday, missing the nice weather and the great baseball games! :-( However, I did manage to get both our livestock trailer, and our Ford flatbed farm truck sold over the weekend!!! This is great news, as it has brought us some very much needed financial relief, which will take a weight off of my shoulders for at least another month!!! :-)

After a long, fast weekend... we decided to celebrate last night... and where does Evan like to go to celebrate? Milt's Pizza in Lynden!!! So, it was pizza last night.... and our good friends, Bill and Jenn Roosma are off enjoying time together in Mexico, so their kiddos, Jacob and Anna, came to stay with us for this next week. So, after pizza, we all headed home, where we sat together and watched the movie "Alice in Wonderland".

And now, here we are... it's Monday morning already!!! Time to get all 4 kids up and moving, and ready for school today. Grammy and Papa, who have been with us all weekend (came to watch the baseball tournament), will be leaving us to go back to Portland today. And Tracie and myself, we will be starting the process of trying to get back to our routine, as well as to start preparing for a week with 4 kids, and the arrival on Thursday of Grandma and Grandpa, who are coming up for the graduation ceremony of our niece, Jessica.

To add even more to the excitment of our lives.... we will be bringing home 4 new wiener pigs to the farm this evening!!! Future delicious pork products!!! :-)

So, off I go to get the week started. To all of you... have a wonderful week, filled with the joy and happiness and blessings of God almighty!!! :-)

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