Friday, June 18, 2010


YES!!! You read it right. If summer isn't going to come our way, then we are going to head off to find summer. And what better place to go as a family than to Disneyland!!! :-)

This morning we will leave to head to Portland. This evening we will enjoy dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory (I need to carbo load for tomorrow), and then go to Grammy & Papa's place for the night, perhaps enjoy a soak in the hot tub before bed time. Tomorrow I will be riding in the Petal Pedal down in Silverton, OR. My good friend, Scott Taube, and myself will be attempting the 100 mile route tomorrow! Then, on Sunday, we will enjoy Father's Day with Grandpa, Papa and Great Grandpa... once again celebrating together with 4 generations of Neitling boys all together!!! :-)

On Monday morning we fly out from Portland down to sunny, southern California. Yes, Disneyland Hotel will be our home for the next week... along with 3 full days in the parks!!! :-)

So, when you don't see any updated posts from me this next week, now know why! ;-)

I will have plenty of photos and topics of discussion when we return at the end of the month. And hopefully, by then, summer will have decided to show itself back here at home for this year!!!

Take care one and all..... se ya real soon!

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  1. Good luck! We have a large group of friends participating in the Petal Pedal should be fun! Hi to Tracie