Saturday, June 5, 2010

Good Things!!!

Yesterday turned out to be a good day. As luck would have it, a bunch of good things just happened yesterday. Although I didn't get a workout or a bike ride in at all yesterday, a lot of other good stuff did happen, and it made the whole day worth it in the end!

The first good thing that happened was that Papa and I installed new fluorescent light fixtures out in the garage, which added much needed and wanted light to a dark space. Papa had found three of these light fixtures at a garage sale @ The Roloff's farm (The people fromthe TV show "Little People Big World). He purchased the fixtures, along with a nice bike rack all together for $50. So, we had planned to install all three fixtures in the garage, but only managed to install the two. Turns out, the third one was missing a critical part... one whole end of the fixture! Now, you might think, "How can that be a good thing that happened?" Well, the good thing that happened in all of this is that we got two lights installed, and a lot of good light in the garage now. The other good thing that happened is that Papa and I enjoyed a great laugh over the third light not being all there. Whi is that? Well, because when we discovered that we didn't have everythign for the third light, I simply stated to Papa, "Huh, guess you got ripped off by the little people!" Papa just started laughing, and then I started laughing, and we both had a great laugh over the whole thing!!!

The second good thing that happened was that the girls called us to join them for lunch right as we were finishing up with our project. We met them @ Jakes in Lynden, where we had a really good lunch! :-)

Next, we all headed off to the kids' school for their annual jog-a-thon. Both kids did great, had alot of fun, ran a whole lot of laps, and earned money for a good school cause! We had a good time watching them, and I even helped out with tracking laps of a group of the kids.

After we were done at the jog-a-thon, it was time to head on over to the baseball fields @ Smith and Northwest, for Evan's first game of the weekend tournament. While the girls and Evan headed directly on over to the fields, Papa and I stopped back off at the house to see about someone who had called on wanting to purchase out livestock trailer earlier. When we got to the house, we discovered that one of our pregnant cows was in the middle of giving birth to a new calf!!! :-)

So, we all went to Evan's baseball game, where we had a really good time, and Evan's team played really good baseball. They won their game with a score of 13-1!!! In addition, Evan was put in to pitch the last inning of the game (he has not been a pitcher), and he did very well. It was a lot of fun, and a good time for us all. :-)

After the good basball game was over, we all headed to Milt's pizza in Lynden for Friday night pizza night! We had a good time eating and enjoying pizza together.

When we finally returned home after all of the good events of the day, we were blessed to have a newborn black Angus heiffer calf in the front pasture!!! :-) She is adorable, and appears to be quite healthy.

So, all in all, yesterday was a really good day. And now, today, Evan will play two more baseball games, and I will miss them both, as I will be going back to work. If all goes well today for Evan's team, then we will be enjoying more good baseball tomorrow as well. :-)

God is good, life is good.... I hope you all have a good weekend!!!

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  1. The baseball was awesome, the pizza was awesome, and the company was awesome!! The new calf is so stinking cute!!