Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bye Grammy & Papa!!!

After spending the past 9 1/2 days up here with us, Grammy & Papa left today to go back home to Beaverton, OR.  It was very nice to have them here to visit, and especially to spend quality time with Evan and Sierra!  The kids love having Grammy & Papa here, and it is always difficult for a day or so when the finally leave us.  It will certainly take us a day or two before we get back into our "normal routine" again.

Thank you, Grammy & Papa, for taking the time to come up here and be with us.  We love you both very much, and are so grateful for the time you choose to spend with us, and even more so, with Evan and Sierra!!!  :-)

In just two days from today, Grandma & Grandpa Fornshell will be arriving here to visit with us for a few days.  They are getting ready to leave soon on a big trip to Ireland and some other great places.  They wanted a chance to spend some time with us, and with Evan and Sierra before they leave, since we won't be seeing them again for a couple of months or more. 

So, no sense trying to get back to "normal" just yet..... we will just keep on plugging along until next week with the same routine we have been going with now for the past couple of weeks.

In the mean time, I am busy trying to sell as many things as I possibly can in an effort to help us out financially.... as we are in a bad way right now, and need to work hard to get back on track once again.  I sold my Honda XR250 yesterday for $1000 cash, and that feels good.  I didn't want to sell it, and will miss it dearly this summer around here when I can't ride with Evan, but it had to be done in an effort to try and deal with our struggles right now.  I then sold my older and smaller brush hog this morning for another $200 cash, which is great news.  And, I have 4 people all interested in my 3 point rototiller for the tractor, with one guy on his way here from down south right now to look at it!!!  I am firm on my price of $800 cash, so that would be just fantastic if I get it sold in the next day or so.  In addition, I have our travel trailer for sale, and have at least two potential buyers interested in seeing it this week and weekend.  I also have a manure spread for sale, but no calls on it just yet.

I am going to put together an ad for our Cashmere goats sometime today, and see if I can't sell them all together as a package for $500 cash.  I hate to see them be split apart, since they have been together for so long now, so I hope to fins someone who can, and will take them as a herd.

I am going to do some calculations on hay that I have still, and how much I need, then see about selling a few hundred bales of hay at $4 per bale.

Hopefully there will be more overtime coming available at work here in the near future that I can work as well.  I really would like to avoid looking for a second job at this time, for several reasons..... most importantly being the time away from my family, something I really don't want to give up.  Also, I need the time off from my regular job just to be able to try and keep up with our place as it is, and can't imagine how it will be if I am not able to be here hardly at all.  Finally, my time off of work is precious time for my passion of cycling and fitness, which I dread the though of having to give up.  So, I am praying that God will help me to get these things all sold, and to get our taxes taken care of, so there will be money available to take care of some things that are outstanding and need to be dealt with.

Well, I need to go see if I can the tractor running, since someone is possibly going to purchase the rototiller today, and if he does, he will need to use the tractor to load it on his trailer.  I am hoping that the battery simply needed a charge after not being used for quite some time now, and that it isn't actually a bad battery. 

As a reminder to myself, especially in this moment of my life right now, I am posting this passage from the Bible.....

Psalm 118:24 - This is the day that the Lord has made; let us be glad and rejoice in it!!!


  1. Praying with and you and praying for you and the family. Love you guys. :-)

  2. I am soooooo sad to hear you guys struggling so much, We will be praying for things to get better & take some stress off you both. We appreciate you guys so much :)

  3. THANK YOU both, Brad and Stephana!!! I really appreciate it very much. With the blessing of several really good sales on Craigslist these past few days, we have some much needed relief now, and I am confident that God will see us through this.