Friday, February 18, 2011

A Sad Thursday Evening.....

Well, I have to say that I am glad it's now Friday..... and more so that God has provided sunshine and blue skies today as well.  Thursday turned out to be a rough day and evening for me, and I was in need of starting over fresh today.

I have been in a funk, and a slump this past week with my fitness/exercise routine, ever since getting a blister on my left Achilles after running on the treadmill at home.  In addition, my back has been giving me a bit of trouble, with a muscle strain that just won't completely heal..... probably because I haven't given it a chance!  So, yesterday I sort of found myself moping around most of the day, and feeling hungry all day long.... not the best way to start or go through a day anyway!  But yesterday late afternoon is when things kinda took a turn for the worse, making me a bit sad and remorseful... and here is why.....

I placed an ad on Craigslist yesterday to sell our goats, all 7 of them.  We really need the extra money right now, and I have been trying to sell off anything of significant value that I can lately to try and get us some financial relief.  Since our goats haven't been getting the attention I feel that they should, and since we just haven't managed to get our woods all properly fenced to contain the goats, and since the goats only have cost us money and never really made us any money.... well, I decided that it was time to have them move on to greener pastures.  I didn't really expect anything to happen right away, and boy was that a mistake.  Two calls came within an hour of posting the ad, with both callers wanting the goats.  So, last night at around 6pm or so, we herded our family of goats into someone elses trailer and said our good-byes to them for the final time.  It was difficult for me, as I have come to enjoy several of them, and have become especially fond of the big boy, Simon.  He and I had become friends, and I enjoyed playing around with him and petting and scratching him... which he also seemed to really enjoy.  Watching them leave our place, and knowing that the sale was final, my heart actually began to ache just a bit, and I started having sellers remorse!  But, they brought us another $500 cash that we can really use right now, so I am trying to just let it go today.

After the big goat sale issue, I went inside to sit and watch a movie with my favorite kiddos in the whole wide world.  We were all cozy and having a great time watching "Over the Hedge", with me just starting to drift off to sleep, when Brad came home and told me that  my neighbors barn was on fire, and that they had animals trapped inside!  :-(  We ended up going down to see what was happening, and to see if there was anything we could do for them... it was heart-breaking, as we found out that they had 13 calves inside, and some other cattle as well.  :-(

What a way to end the day!!!  Thankfully it was a barn and not their house, and thankfully no people were injured.  Today is a new day, and I am praying that God will step in and help our neighbors in every way that they need it right now.  I am also praying that our goats are enjoying their new home.

Yes, although I am sitting at work today, missing out on being home on such a nice day, I am still happy that Thursday is over with.  I am glad that I have been given the opportunity to make the best of a new day.  And I am hopeful that tomorrow we may just be lucky enough to sell our old travel trailer..... which would really help us out a lot!!!

OK..... enough about Thursday!!!  Today is Friday, and tomorrow starts a three day weekend with my family!!!  :-)  Time to move forward......

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  1. Sorry about the goats buddy. I am going to miss them too, but obviously not us much as you. As you saw them almost everyday. :-)

    They will be missed.

    The fire was a bad day for me as well. That was a hard one. I see that our prayers were heard by the turn out they had to help them get cleaned up from the fire.