Saturday, February 19, 2011

How long until Spring?????

I awoke this morning to what appeared to be the most beautiful day outside...... absolutely sunny and gorgeous, blue skies..... just what we need to get us cheered up and warmed up and ready hit the outdoors again......NOT!!!!  It is cold out there.... and the northeast winds are blowing hard, making it much worse than it really should be.  It's down right miserable to be outside on a day like today.  :-(

I miss the nice dry, sunny and calm days....the ones in which the winds aren't blowing, or at least, are gently blowing warmly from the south/southwest!  I miss Spring and Summer and Fall in a big way right now.  I miss riding my bike, and just being outside.  I miss being warm without having the pellet stove cranked up high, or having to wear layers of clothing.

Yes, I have certainly come to the conclusion that I am snowbird material in the making.... I can't wait for retirement, when we can majorly downsize our home......perhaps to a nice, small and cozy condo......and where we can simply up and head south when the Winter arrives here, and stay away until  Spring finally arrives!!!

Just 10 more years until retirement!!!  On one hand, that seems like forever and a day away....but on the other hand, I have already put in my first 20 years, and they have flown right on by.  Evan will be 10 years old this August, and I can't even believe how fast those 10 years have gone by..... I can only imagine that these next 10 will go by even faster!!!

In the mean time.... I will sit here and pray for warmer and nicer and calmer days ahead.  I will look forward to, with great longing, my next bicycle ride!!!

Oh Spring and Summer..... please come early this year.... and feel free to stay longer than usual as well  :-)

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  1. I think you jinxed us with this post.

    4-6 inches of snow due to us in the next 24 hours. Thanks. ;-)

    It is hard to believe that Evan is going to be 10. He is so much bigger now adays too. He is growing really fast. It is so cool to be around to see that. :-)

    Come on spring and summer. I want to ride my bike!!!