Saturday, February 12, 2011


Since last Sundays big Super Bowl extravaganza, and the big win for the Green Bay Packers, we have settled into the next big thing around here...........

Gearing up to celebrate Uncle Brad's big 40th birthday!!!  Yes, it is of Thursday, February 10th, Brad has left his 30's behind him, and has moved on into the next decade of his life as a 40-something!!!  :-)

We have been celebrating Brad's birthday in several stages..... we started off by meeting him on his actual birthday, at his work site, and took him to lunch at Billy McHales.  That same evening, we attended Evan's basketball playoff game, where his team got yet another big win, moving them forward to the championship game on Friday evening!  Yesterday, Friday, after Brad came home from work.....we took Brad out for his official birthday dinner, to Kyoto's Steakhouse in Bellingham.  This was a really fun dinner, and very tasty indeed!  I am pretty sure that Brad enjoyed himself, as I know I did.  :-)  After our dinner, we headed off to see Evan play in his team's championship playoff game........

And for Uncle Brad's birthday, they did NOT let down!!!  They won the game, big time, with a score of 31-9!!!!!!!  :-)  Happy Birthday, Uncle Brad...... and CONGRATULATIONS to Evan  and the entire Nooksack boys 4th grade basketball team!!!!!  :-)

Upon getting home last night, after all of that excitement, Uncle Brad and the kids and Papa all stayed up and watched the movie, "Open Season 3" on Blu-Ray.

Today is a day of rest and recover for everyone around here, while I head off to work for 24 hours.  But we will continue with Uncle Brad's birthday celebration tomorrow evening with one more fun event..... we will all head north to Chilliwack, BC to see the Chilliwack Bruins take on the Tri-City Americans.  A fun evening of ice hockey should be a great way to finish off our celebration of Uncle Brad's big 4-0 birthday!!!!  :-)

HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY, Uncle Brad!!!

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    Love you.

    I had a great Birthday day and birthday week and weekend. :-)

    Thank you.