Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Fantastic Run!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!

Yes, I did just actually write the words fantastic and run in the same sentence!  Yes, I did actually refer to a run as being fantastic.  I know this sounds stupid crazy, especially coming from a non-runner guy who loves cycling, and this is why I added a mix of exclamation marks with question marks in this posts title!  Now for an explanation.......

Yesterday morning Brad, Jenn Roosma and myself all went for a run together.  Jenn had called the night before, while we were on our way to our hockey game, and asked if we would like to go running with her.  So, we routed out a 6.5 mile run from our place and made plans to hit the road at around 9:30am.

The weather turned out to be perfect for our run, with is being nice and cold, but dry with overcast cloudy skies.  No real wind, mostly nice and calm and quiet.... just a great weather morning for our run.  We headed off and ran south from our place on Trapline Rd., and headed west on Timon Rd.  From there we caught Stickney Island Rd and followed it all the way back to Trapline again.  Then it was just a straight shot north back to home base, and a nice 6.5 miles ran.  :-)

It was wonderful..... the run felt great, for both me and for Brad.  Jenn and I were both simply amazed at how well Brad held up, and Brad was amazed at just how great the run felt, and how strong he felt all the way through.  Everything went so well for all three of us, and as we approached mile 5.5 at Trapline and Hampton Rds, I suggested that we run right by our house and add .5 miles by running to Badger Rd.........

And we DID!!!  Brad has been wanting to complete his very first 10k run this year, and he DID it!!!  More than a 10k, which is 6.2 miles, he ran a full 7 miles!!!  :-)

CONGRATULATIONS to you Brad!!!!!  A huge accomplishment, and a huge success!!!

Now you should all be able to understand what I mean when I say that yesterdays run was simply Fantastic!!!

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  1. :-)

    Thank you buddy. It was Awesome!!!

    I really enjoyed that run as well. And I NEVER, ever, thought that I would say that I "Enjoyed" running. But that was a great run and a great day for it.

    I can kind of see how you can get addicted to it. Always wanting to do 1 better then the last. "I did 7, now lets try 8." :-)

    I ran a 10k on pavement. Without stopping and without feeling like I was going to keel over and die. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

    I am still riding the high on it.

    Thanks again G. You have been a huge part of my new health and healthy life style.