Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Good Sunday Morning one and all....... welcome to Super Bowl Sunday, 2011.  :-)

Grammy & Papa arrived yesterday afternoon to visit and stay with us for the next week or so.  Papa just had back surgery this past week, and is ready to spend time relaxing and recovering here with us..... and mostly with his grandchildren!

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, which is the same thing as Gluttonous Day, here at our house.  Without fail, as we do every year, once again we will start off our day by heading to church for the 10am service.  We will worship and praise God together, and hear His word through Pastor Grant.  We will leave church feeling good, giving the glory and praise to our God.  We will then head home to get ready for the big game day.....

And this is when it starts going downhill for us!!!  LOL......  we will begin to eat more junk food in this one day than we normally consume all year long!!!  We will watch football and cheer on the awesome new commercials for this year, all the while keeping our plates filled with tasty snack foods like  chips and queso, little smokies in bbq sauce, meatballs in cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup, hot dogs, and whatever else we can come up with!!!  For the first half of the game it will be fun and enjoyable....but by the fourth quarter, we will all be loosening restrictive clothing, stepping outside for a breath of fresh air, and will be moaning and groaning in the tune of gluttony!!!

We do this every year, and every year it's the same thing.  This year we will be short a few people, as Greg Bass is in Nevada on a job, and Phil Bryan could never be reached with, it will be a family affair only this year, which should be quite fun  :-)

Go Packers!!!

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  1. It was a good day. Enjoyed it.
    Thank you very much for hosting.